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TED is a charitable organization spreading strong ideas, usually in the form of short and impactful talks of the duration of around 20 minutes. Although it started as a conference where the concept of Technology, Entertainment and Design would come together and by today it covers almost all of the topics from Science to Business and to Global issues in almost all languages. There are events which are independently run and are called, TEDx events. They help to share ideas in communities around the globe. The mission of TED is to innovate ideas through small talks.


TEDˣ is an independent event which is put together by different organizations, community, or an institution which is licensed as TEDˣ. These events proceed to hold onto the principles of an ideal TED talk and are loyal to a specific community. It’s not only diverse but also widely spread. It is held for people representing the same ideas of work, education, interests, or culture and region. It features the voices within and around the community. The TEDˣ talks also feature local leaders and community influencers who would share ideas relevant to their region


TED is a global community, that welcomes people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. TEDˣ Invertis University is an independently organized TED event at Invertis University, Bareilly. With a passionate belief in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and, ultimately, the world, Invertis University is hosting a self-organized TEDˣ event. The TEDˣ Program is designed to spark conversation, deep discussion and connection in a small group .

In a world where change is the norm, knowledge will certainly be a key resource. The challenges are to facilitate intellectual power which will create new jobs and opportunities. We train our students, to work in fields where they will be valued for their dexterity of specialized knowledge, and for their ability to research and comprehend. In the academic circles it is prudent to put an intense focus on nurturing competence and holistic development of students through knowledge talks. We took pride in hosting the Tedx for all students who deserve the best of knowledge.

Chancellor, Invertis University Bareilly

You are now going to embark on a great learning adventure and update your skills with relevant, comprehensive talks by professionals with real-world expertise at INVERTIS UNIVERSITY. We continue to give voice to youth leadership by bringing forward the voices of eminent personalities across the nation. TEDx at Invertis University is guided by our commitment to excellence, innovation and creation to embrace positive change in student’s life. Our diligent efforts on diffusion of pioneering advancements to metamorph the budding minds to supremacy. We invite you to be a part of our event and hope that this transfer of knowledge provides you with insight to lead and serve the nation with fulfilling the aim of reincarnating a better educational world.

“Together we can and we will make a difference”

Executive Director, Invertis University Bareilly

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Our mind and heart is burning with a desire to contribute towards the whittle of musing. Just by possibilities our new ideas would take the world by surprise. Hearing Tedx speakers will reevaluate your personal goals and would challenge you to ponder yourself in the ocean of opportunities. So stay tuned to the TedxinvertisUniversity for transforming your senses towards life and society.


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